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Todd Butterfield June 10, 2022

In this course, Mr. Wyckoff and the Institution he founded have taken you into their confidence by giving you the best of all the ideas, plans, methods and technique that you need for common sense trading and investing.  Work out from these your own procedure, depending upon the amount of time and capital you wish to devote to the market; what you aim to accomplish; how you wish to trade or invest, and the way in which you can make the most profits.

You ask how much time will it take?  The answer is: As little or as much as you choose.  But as you learn these principles, you will find it profitable to devote more and more of your time to it.  You can, from what you learn here, make trading in stocks your profession if you so desire.

After you have thoroughly educated yourself in the practical use of these principles, and you have the benefit of long practice and experience, you will probably find that you are gradually developing intuition.

Intuition enables one to judge a situation without conscious reasoning.

Some people possess this faculty to a greater degree than others.  It develops in stock trading just as it does in any other line of business or profession.  It is the reward for long and patient study, close application and deep concentration.

There was a time when Mr. Wyckoff was unable to judge the market because he did not know all that he learned later. It could not be found in books.  He had to search this all out, bit by bit.  It required years and years in the face of many discouragements.

We now put into your hands, tools that served him so well.  What you do with them depends upon yourself.  We shall be glad to take up with you, at any time, your personal problems relating to the application of this course to your individual requirements; also to receive your criticism and suggestions.

The stock market is the greatest game in the world.  The wealthiest, most expert and most powerful individuals, hedge funds, corporations, bankers and investment trusts are engaged in it.  They employ sums running into billions of dollars.

Like them you must be sharp, shrewd, clever and industrious.



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