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Founded in 1931 by technical trader Richard D. Wyckoff, Wyckoff Stock Market Institute has been the leader in teaching Technical Trading for the past 90 years. Thousands of traders have chosen to learn at Wyckoff SMI for its proven trading techniques and invaluable proprietary market indicators, rest assured choosing us to help you become a better investor or trader is the right choice!

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“Presenting the secret trading strategy from the 1930’s that hedge fund managers don’t want YOU to know about!”
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Stocks & Commodities listed Richard Wyckoff as one of “The Titans Of Technical Analysis”. He shares this distinction with the likes of Charles Henry Dow, R.N. (Ralph Nelson) Elliott & Arthur A. Merrill
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Richard Wyckoff was one of the most influential and successful trader in stock market history. His technical trading strategies & techniques have withstood the tests of over 90+ years of changing markets. They are as valid today as they were in 1930, when he developed the Stock Market Science and Technique Course.

The Wyckoff strategies and techniques teach technical traders to read the markets, and discover what and when the professionals are buying and selling.
By analyzing the price movements and related volumes, Wyckoff traders can discover when large interests are accumulating or distributing a particular stock. This allows them to take a position just before the stock is ready to move.

The Wyckoff Stock Market Institute website is filled with information to help the technical trader become more successful. Discover the Wyckoff Wave, a stock market index consisting of market leaders, and is extremely sensitive in forecasting market direction and changes.

The Wyckoff Wave is constructed from the following stocks: T, BAC, BA, BMY, CAT, XOM, DD, GE, F, IBM, UNP and WMT. We also constructed a Wyckoff Wave Tape Reading Index comprised of AAPL, AMZN, MSFT, BAC, BA, GE, and XOM. These stocks are analyzed in five minute intervals and up and down waves are developed. These waves which also include the price action and volume during those brief up and down market swings, provide the data for the important Wyckoff SMI indicators that make up the OP Index, Force, and Technometer. These are the tools you must utilize to successfully trade in the stock market.

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Introduction To Wyckoff Course

Learn The Basics Of The Wyckoff Trading Method In This Online Course For Only $129

Our “Introduction To Wyckoff” online course will introduce you to five steps of the Wyckoff Trading Method and the Wyckoff SMI indicators created by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute in the early 1940’s. These 12 lessons accompanied with color charts and quizzes provide a sound foundation for any Wyckoff novice or provide a well rounded refresher for former Wyckoff Investors.

Introduction To Wyckoff Course Includes

12 Lessons & Quizzes
29 Full Color Lesson Charts
60 days free of our Pulse of the Market Charting service
Access To Our Course Educators To Answer & Help With Any Issues Or Questions You May Have
Certificate Upon Completing the Course

As You Are Nearing Completion Of The Online Course You’ll Receive
60 Days Free Access To Our Online Charting Software, and also our Private Discord Channel

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Wyckoff Unleashed Course

Enroll in the World Renowned Wyckoff Unleashed Course (Formerly known as the Richard D. Wyckoff Course in Stock Market Science and Technique) By Wyckoff Stock Market Institute for only $999 .

Learn the best way to Trade The Wyckoff Method while learning to utilize the world renowned Wyckoff SMI Indicators – Optimism-Pessimism Index, Force Index & Technometer. These indicators only available at Wyckoff SMI are the secret to mastering the Wyckoff Trading Method in todays markets.

Wyckoff Unleashed Course Includes

Over 39 Lessons & Quizzes
8 Hours of Audio Lectures
Our 559 Page Course Book
Over 120 Full-Color Lesson Charts
A Comprehensive Four Part Final Exam To Test Acquired Knowledge and Charting Skills
Certificate Of Completion Once You Have Completed The Online Course
Access To Our Course Educators To Answer & Help With Any Issues Or Questions You May Have For Life

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Wyckoff Stock Market Institute Alumni Testimonials

In 1956 I became a Wyckoff Student at SMI under Bob Evans.
I continued thru the years as other endeavors permitted. Now, at age 87, and in retirement I continue to study and learn. By learning the Wyckoff Method of Trading, many have learned to trade intelligently and successfully. Keep Up The Good Work!N. Biebel (December 2016)
I took the course in 1987. Craig Schroeder was my instructor. Although a new student at the time, I’m pleased to say I was out of the market two weeks before the crash of 1987. It never would’ve happened without the course.
T. Metzler (January 2017)
Original course in 1963. Second course finished in 1972 with David Mathys as my instructor. Finished the tape reading course and participated in the Practice Trading Exercises. I am proud to have personally known Bob Evans, Bud Andrews, David Mathys and Craig Schroeder.R. Tardiff (December 2017)

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I’m glad to be a Wyckoff student.
By using the methods Bob Evans taught me with all his tapes and then incorporating a few of my own, I’ve been able to avoid all major downdrafts and have been long the market at the very bottom in March of ’09. I took the original Wyckoff SMI Course way back in the mid-1960’s.S. Corso (September 2017)
My several decades-long ‘trip’ with Richard D. Wykoff’s Course of Instruction in Stock Market Science began with an ad in the Wall Street Journal in mid-1962 when I was serving as a Navy JAG officer at Naval Air Station Memphis. After a phone call with Bob Evans I boarded the train to Chicago. My visit to Parkridge to meet Robert Evans was memorable and my lasting ‘adventure’ with Wyckoff SMI began. It is rewarding to see the continuing strong support for Mr. Wyckoff’s trading techniques, particularly as electronic capabilities have expanded the SMI teaching methods. The Wyckoff SMI future looks bright! R. Earl Warren (January 2017)

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Join our Pulse Of The Market Charting Membership today and get exclusive access to the #1 tool world class investors are trying to keep a secret! Our world class Pulse Of The Market charting software includes our proprietary indicators the Optimism-Pessimism Index, Force Index & Technometer that can be found no where else in the world. These indicators will allow you to gain the edge you need to accurately determine market direction like no other tool in the world does. Our Pulse Of The Market charting software also allows you to monitor the markets with 5 minute updates of our indicators through out the day.

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Get Top Trade Picks Based On Wyckoff Method

If you join our Wyckoff SMI Pro Trader Membership you will receive access to our Stock, ETF & Bitcoin model portfolios, as well as our private Discord. These model portfolios are constructed by Todd Butterfield, Chief Strategist and President of Wyckoff SMI and you will have direct access to him in our Discord.

5a0c6adcad60cad98a71d43f26e5b029_400x400Todd W. Butterfield
President | Chief Strategist
Wyckoff Stock Market Institute

SMI certificate

In 1982, Mr. Butterfield graduated from the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute and was anxious to put his knowledge to the test. Mr. Butterfield decided to enter the U.S. Investment Championship’s real money competitions to prove that he was able to compete. The first one he entered he placed 12th in the nation, and every competition he entered over the years has been listed below. Mr. Butterfield began his professional career in 1984, as a Professional Stock, Option, and Commodity Trader with Rialcor Shatkin, Chicago, Illinois. In 1990, he registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor with a very successful 4 year track record. In 1991, he became a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney, Quincy, Illinois. At the beginning of 1997, Mr. Butterfield founded Butterfield Capital Advisors/Butterfield Futures. As a Registered Investment Advisor, he could offer fee-based investment advice to his clients, and as an IB he could offer futures brokerage services. In 2011, he formed The BlackBay Group, which encompasses BlackBay Capital Advisors (RIA). In 2016, took over the Wyckoff Stock Market Institute, and relaunched  In 2017, started actively trading/managing assets in the cryptocurrency space, as well as launching 

“12th in the Nation”, 31.9% (Feb 1-June 1), 85 Entrants, Futures Division, U.S. Investment Championship, 1984. Below is the actual trade sheet from the competition. Click here to view Barrons rankings.

Todd achieved a 79.8% average annual return, Commodity Trading Advisor 1987-1990 Click here to view Disclosure Document
In 1992, Todd Butterfield placed 9th in the U.S. Investment Championship $50,000+ “Stock Division” & 17th in the “Mutual Fund Switching Division”. Click here to view Barron’s rankings.
In 1993, Todd placed 4th in the Money Manager Verified Ratings “Low Risk Division” with a 28.1% return. ($1 Million-Plus Portfolio) Click here to view Barrons rankings
Todd placed “2nd in the Nation”, Money Manager Verified Ratings, 1st quarter, 1994.
In the 12 months ending 6/30/00, placed 2nd in the nation, Moni Research
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Read through our collection of vintage “The Magazine of WallStreet” articles! Founded by Richard D. Wyckoff in the early 1900’s the articles contained within the issues of The Magazine of WallStreet have provided millions of traders/investors with priceless insight into how the financial markets truly operate. We are proud to host a large collection of these articles right here on Wyckoff SMI for your enjoyment. Click to read now…..