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Save Time With The Show Spread Sheet/Watchlist

Todd Butterfield June 10, 2022

As you know, we here at Wyckoff SMI, use our proprietary tools to monitor the markets.  These tools are the Optimism-Pessimism Index, Force Index, and the Technometer.  These indicators are now updated every five minutes during the trading day.  Since there is a long list of symbols in our symbol list, we have a navigation button that allows us to quickly see the readings on all indicators, and all symbols, quickly and easily.  This is accomplished by clicking the navigation button marked “Show Spreadsheet”.  This will bring up another page which will start auto-populating the various figures.

You can also add only the stocks you are interested in to the Watchlist, and this spreadsheet will auto-populate with only those stocks.

This is shown on the following video…

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