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WYCKOFF UNLEASHED FINAL EXAM – Part A “Wyckoff Principles and Techniques”

Todd Butterfield April 19, 2022

This Final Exam is a comprehensive review of the subject matter you covered in the text, audio lectures, and quizzes in the Wyckoff SMI Unleashed Course.

In Part A – You are to recognize and identify the Wyckoff principles and concepts, and to know the skills and techniques needed to become proficient with the Wyckoff Method.

In Part B – It is principally concerned with the application of the five step Wyckoff Method to the action of the market. It is designed to test your ability to analyze stocks and to make proper decisions in your market transactions.

In Part C – Wyckoff SMI covers the Optimism-Pessimism, Force and Technometer and your understanding of these tools.

In Part D – You will be asked to mark up charts on your own, with what you have learned from your course studies.


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