Updated stops. Volatility is high so we want to tighten up stops. We still think stocks can work higher from here.

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We have the BTC USD Technometer at 37.8 and a bullish divergence with OP (volume) hitting new lows while price holds higher lows. I think we make a bottom here….. So if you used the $36,100 mental I recommend, I would buy back that 66% at the market here. Current price $33,829

Todd Butterfield Blog, Model Bitcoin Portfolio, Trade Updates

Buying ATVI – Activision at the market. Current Price $92.95. I like the way the OP has been solidly down while price is holding and actually just did a “spring” and nice rally off of it, and now holding at higher levels while Nasdaq is getting clobbered

Todd Butterfield Blog, Model Stock Portfolio, Trade Updates

I am buying YETI at the market, current price $84.69. I just like the action for a jump and a backup and it is staying strong up here. Tech is 42 but that is a low level in the last 6-9 months. I will probably run a protective sell stop at $77.

Todd Butterfield Blog, Model Stock Portfolio, Trade Updates