Studies In Stock Speculation Written By Rollo Tape (Richard D. Wyckoff)


“Studies In Stock Speculation” 108 page digital Ebook written by Richard D. Wyckoff under the pseudonym Rollo Tape in 1909. This traders course was featured in the “The Ticker & Investment Digest” Magazine owned by Richard D. Wyckoff.





In 1909 Richard D. Wyckoff Authored a series of articles under the pseudonym Rollo Tape in “The Ticker & Investment Digest” Magazine which he owned. This official pdf facsimile offered by Wyckoff Stock Market Institute is the original “Studies In Stock Speculation” series he wrote in 1909. This series of articles is the basis for which would later become “The Richard D. Wyckoff Method of Trading and Investing in Stocks: A Course of Instruction in Stock Market Science and Technique” his most famous and well known course he released shortly before his passing in 1931.

Topics Covered
How to Determine Trend
The Interpretation of Charts
The Selection of Stocks
The Stock List Classified
The Logic of the Speculative Game
The Figure Chart
How the Figure Chart Forecasted Reading’s Spectacular Move
The Distribution of Union Pacific
The Figure Chart as a Trend Indicator
Judging the Turning Points
A Practical Stop Order Method
More About Stop Order Methods
When the Investor Should Buy & Sell
The Length of Movements
Selecting Profitable Investments
Going Short Against Long Stocks
Playing Panics
Trading on the Intermediate Swings
Selling Against New Issues
Trading on the Ticker’s Bargain Indicator
Trading on Initial Activity
Options of Privileges


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