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Todd Butterfield

Buy ETH at the market.

Stock market collapsing once again, which is dragging down Crypto. Our ETH chart shows a divergence between price and volume (OP) on the daily, and

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Sell MCD at the market

  We are going to take the quick profit in McDonalds (MCD). Technometer is extreme overbought and we would expect a slowing of the rally,

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Buy MCD at the market

I am going to enter 50% partial long position in MCD at the market, current price $197.58 We will use protective sell stop at $192.35

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Raising protective sell stops!

Raising protective sell stops! On TLT lets raise the protective sell stop to $136.51.  We are overbought and not getting the quick rally we anticipated. 

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Buy TLT at the market.

We like the recent action in the TLT.  We are going to go long 50% position today, and add 50% on any weakness.  Current Price

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How we classify trends….

There are many ways to classify trends as to types or the sizes of trends.  At Wyckoff SMI we use four classifications for simplicity.  The

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ABX is classic Wyckoff!!

ABX has been a classic Wyckoff setup with our indicators.  The rally has proceeded as expected, and we would now raise protective sell stops to

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