Tape Reading And Active Trading

The complete Tape Reading and Active Trading Program is made up of one online volume and 10 recorded lectures. The online volume contains 13 study sections (sometimes called assignments or lessons) and 6 chart studies. Each study section is a short programmed unit: it contains the discussion material, a summary of the important points in that section, and a short self-grading quiz. Our online course also includes:
  • 60 days access to our “Pulse of the Market” Charting Software ($100 value)
  • 60 days access to our private Discord channel! ($80 value)
This has been planned so that you can complete almost any unit in one evening — a few hours — of a truly enjoyable and exciting learning experience. Follow these directions for a truly effective learning of the technique for trading the intra-day 3 to 5 point moves.
Todd Butterfield · February 20, 2022

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