Custom Indicators

Below is a list of over 80 Custom Indicators included in our state of the art Market Pulse Charting software.



Bollinger Bands
Fractal Chaos Bands
High Low Bands
Keltner Channel
Moving Average Envelope
Prime Number Bands
Stoller Average Range Channel


Wyckoff Force Index
High Minus Low
Highest High Value
Lowest Low Value
Median Price
Wyckoff Optimism-Pessimism Index
Price Rate of Change
Standard Deviation
Wyckoff Technometer
Typical Price
Volume Rate of Change
Weighted Close


Accumulative Swing Index
Chaikin Money Flow
Commodity Channel Index
Comparative Relative Strength
Elder Force Index
Elder Thermometer
Gopalakrishnan Range Index
Historical Volatility
Intraday Momentum Index
Market Facilitation Index
Mass Index
Money Flow Index
Negative Volume Index
On Balance Volume
Performance Index
Positive Volume Index
Price Volume Trend
Random Walk Index
Relative Strength Index
Stochastic Momentum Index
Swing Index
Trade Volume Index
Twiggs Money Flow

Moving Average

Exponential Moving Average
Simple Moving Average
Time Series Moving Average
Triangular Moving Average
Variable Moving Average
Volatility Index Dynamic Average
Weighted Moving Average
Welles Wilder Smoothing


Aroon Oscillator
Average True Range
Center Of Gravity
Chaikin Volatility
Chande Forecast Oscillator
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Coppock Curve
Detrended Price Oscillator
Directional Movement System
Ease of Movement
Ehler Fisher Transform
Elder Ray
Fractal Chaos Oscillator
Klinger Volume Oscillator
MACD Histogram
Momentum Oscillator
Parabolic SAR
Pretty Good Oscillator
Price Oscillator
Prime Number Oscillator
Rainbow Oscillator
Schaff Trend Cycle
Stochastic Oscillator
True Range
Ultimate Oscillator
Vertical Horizontal Filter
Volume Oscillator
Williams %R
Williams Accumulation Distribution


Linear Regression Forecast
Linear Regression Intercept
Linear Regression R2
Linear Regression Slope
Time Series Forecast

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