Jim O’Brien

A quick tidbit’ about Mr. Jim O’Brien

Jim O’Brien is a 45 year Wyckoff student. In 1971, after returning from Southeast Asia, he completed both the basic Wyckoff course in Stock Market Science & Technique and the Tape Reading/Active Trading course. The course materials remain on his desk to this very day.

In addition to trading the stock market, in 1984 Jim started The Jamison Group, Inc. In a the late 90’s, his company began developing websites for their clients. This helped him reconnect with Stock Market Institute, in Phoenix Arizona.

He worked with SMI icon Craig Schroeder to develop Wyckoff Stock Market Institute.com. After Craig’s untimely passing, Jim continue to develop and maintain the Pulse of the Market Charting Service.

For many years, he provided daily and weekly market commentary on stock market action and its future direction to Wyckoff subscribers and students.

Jim also administered the Wyckoff Forum and answered student questions and provided advice on the Wyckoff strategies and techniques.

His book “Wyckoff Strategies & Techniques” has been a popular addition for students as well.

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