Pro Traders Membership (Crypto Discord Members)

$20.00 / month

If you are a member of our $30-40 monthly Crypto Discord, you are allowed to join our Stock Discord for a discounted price of $20.

Gain Access To Current Trade & Position Updates for Stocks, ETF”s, as well as Bitcoin! Hand Picked Model Portfolio Trades, Trade Alerts By Email & Video Updates!

We have just added a WyckoffSMI Private DISCORD to our ProTraders.  You will now have access to our Discord where you will be among other like minded Wyckoffians, as well as direct access to Mr. Butterfield.  You will find more updates, thoughts, and opinions.  You will also be able to show your Wyckoff markings on charts and ask for thoughts/opinions.  We will also share our proprietary software readings on the Discord so you will be better informed for buy/sell areas.


After purchase, you can view Trade Updates, Model Portfolios under the  “Students/Members” , “ProTraders Membership” tabs.

**You will also need to contact [email protected] and ask for the DISCORD invite link, so you can gain access.  As long as you keep your ProTraders subscription active, you will have access to the Discord.