Wyckoff SMI Trade Simulator

Trading using our Wyckoff SMI Trade Simulator is an inexpensive way to gain experience and to test your ability to apply what you have learned. Some people object to paper trading on the ground that it is like playing poker without stakes, there is no thrill in it. Very well: We ask you to remember that the biggest thrill of all comes when you make your first series of actual trades, with money, and find that they were correct. There will be more thrills as you continue to make successful commitments and discover that you never again are taking big chances nor suffering disastrous losses. If you wish to forego the satisfaction of stock market success for a little temporary excite­ment, you may disregard this admonition to start by using our trade simulator without taking any risk. But if you wish to attain the thrill of achievement, you will begin by utilizing SMI’s Trade Simulating software.

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