AKAM has higher upside objectives

We wanted to show that there is good buying on this rally and the Technometer is still in the neutral range, so we feel we could rally to the first upside objective off the figure count.
You can see that the first figure count objective is $73-76
The Wyckoff Wave is having a hard time putting together a rally here, so our other long positions are mostly treading water at this time.

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  1. Hi this is Excellent material,,,,,would Love to get Very Involved with all the Aspects of Wyckoff and this Forum,,,Thxs Very Much. Ory Please let me know where I can begin,,,,, thxs again

    1. Hi Ory, we are preparing to launch in the upcoming weeks a brand new online course. This would be a great place to start for any one looking to learn about Wyckoff. However if you find that you wouldn’t like to wait that long we definitely recommend picking up Jim O’Brien’s hard back book “Wyckoff Strategies and Techniques”. You can view this book in our store here. You can also receive 15% of the book this week by using the coupon code “WeekInReview” . If you do decide to pick up the book before the release of the online course we will be happy to deduct the cost of the book from the price of the online course for you when we release the course to the public. Hope this has been of help and if you need any other help feel free to contact me at mbeasley@wyckoffsmi.com – Matthew Beasley

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