Introduction To Wyckoff Online Course Now Available!

The last 2 weeks here at Wyckoff SMI have been busy! We have worked day and night to bring our new students a more affordable way for them to learn about the Wyckoff Trading Method and all the wonderful techniques and strategies Wyckoff has to offer! We are proud to announce we have launched our first ever “Intro To Wyckoff” Online course. This course consists of 12 lessons designed to introduced students to the Wyckoff Principles and Strategies developed by Richard Wyckoff and Wyckoff Stock Market Institute for over the past 100 years and the Five Steps To The Wyckoff Method! As always our online course has quizzes to help test your comprehension of our lessons and full color charts that will aid your learning when taking the course!
The Course Lessons Include

The Wyckoff Method – Introduction To Wyckoff


  • Two Goals, Three Laws and Five Steps – (ITW)
  • Step One of the Wyckoff Method – (ITW)
  • Step Two of the Wyckoff Method – (ITW)
  • Step Three of the Wyckoff Method – (ITW)
  • Step Four of the Wyckoff Method – (ITW)
  • Step Five of the Wyckoff Method – (ITW)
  • Figure Charts, Counts and Counting – (ITW)
  • Directional Indicators And Timing Tools – (ITW)

Pulse Of The Market Charting Software


  • Identifying The Trend & Appropriate Stocks – (ITW)
  • Save Time With The Show Spread Sheet/Watchlist – (ITW)
  • How To Draw Trend Lines, Text, Shapes, etc… – (ITW)
  • Explanation of Various Navigation Buttons – (ITW)
  • Conclusion – (ITW)

All interested students can read more about this course by visiting here.

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