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The journey to being an educated and successful trader is a lonely path suited for only the strongest of minds. It requires dedication, persistence and the ability to be steadfast in ones self confidence. It is very easy to find yourself hopping from one trading strategy to the next, all while being drawn in by the promise of high returns on glitzy advertisements and websites. Only very few traders have made a successful career out of sticking with the first trading strategy they ever studied so we will consider those few traders to be the lucky ones. They are the ones that haven’t spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on trading strategies and systems only be to left with a worthless pdf or a couple of mp3 files taking up space on their home or office computers.

For everyone else, the hope is that the journey to finding that “successful” trading method will be short and have minimal cost. Blessed are those who came across the Wyckoff Trading Method and Wyckoff Stock Market Institute early in their trading careers, for they have not endured the long path to successful trading that many have. Even those who come across it later in their trading careers are routinely awarded with more then just financial returns, they are awarded with a sense of understanding of the markets. This sense of understanding finally brings rest to lifelong stress created by the constant wonder of how the market will react, how the next couple months will play out or how to best protect their profits. The trader who learns the Wyckoff Trading Method and fully understands it finds themselves no longer intimidated by what may come, but finds themselves ready and confident to ride the financial wave no matter what the trend maybe. With the ability to foresee the changes in market direction and the ability to easily protect their capital from losses the Wyckoff student confidently enters their positions and reaps their rewards.

Today we are proud to bring you two recent investment podcasts that featured traders who both mentioned The Wyckoff Trading Method as a reliable trading method and strategy. The first is from . The trader @RollyTrader “George” mentions Richard Wyckoff at the 20:10 mark of the podcast. The podcast is over 1 hour long so if you don’t have the time to listen to the entire podcast we recommend starting at the 19:10 mark in the podcast. We most definitly recommend following Chat With Traders on Twitter

Second up we have a podcast from our friends at 52Traders where Cam Hawkins recently interviewed 91 year old Veteran Trader John Hill! In this interview John Hill mentions his use of the Wyckoff Trading Method as well as Springs & Upthrusts. For those interested in hearing just the part about The Wyckoff Trading Method you can start at 21:45 but we encourage you to listen to the entire interview.

We also recommend subscribing to the 52 Traders podcast at

It is without a doubt after hearing these two podcasts from traders who are decades apart in age that we come to the realization that over generations traders around the world have come to trust the Wyckoff Trading Method for its techniques and strategies. We hope that after hearing these podcasts that you make the decision to learn the Wyckoff Trading Method at Wyckoff Stock Market Institute. If you are interested in taking the final step in your journey to becoming a successful trader we recommend you enroll in our Wyckoff Unleashed Online Course.

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