Mixed Markets Continue

This past week the Wyckoff Wave was slightly lower.  The Wyckoff Wave spent the week backing up to the recently jumped resistance.   It did this on slightly lower volume.   For the week, price and volume suggests lack of supply.

The Technometer is trading slightly below neutral.

The S&P was up slightly for the week while the Nasdaq was down fractional.

The Wave began the week with a trying to extend its jump of resistance but was quickly turned back.  It then spent Tuesday/Wednesday backing up to the resistance.  It then recovered some of the weeks losses into Friday.  Volume was reduced slightly from the weak before.

The O-P did not join in the rally last week, which brought about the mid week reaction.   This is still a negative divergence between price/O-P for this recent rally through resistance.

The Force Index was sideways for the weak and also shows a considerable divergence on the daily charts.


The components of the Wyckoff Wave are showing extremely different performance in the recent months.  Boeing and GE were both flat for the week

For our Pro Traders we are still short GE and QQQ.   We have been long Lumber Liquidators for weeks and it rewarded us with a strong week of close to 40% gains.


The Wyckoff Wave Growth Index (WWG) continued its correction last week but recovered some of its losses late in the week.  We still expect lower prices here.

The bond market rallied last week as we expected and returned the Technometer to an extreme overbought reading.  We expect this market has turned lower once again or will this week after slight further gains.

Good Trading,

Todd Butterfield

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