Our Current Open Positions

We are now currently short VNQ and SPY in the ETF portfolio.  We are also short AAPL in the Stock Portfolio.  We have struggled as of late with this market.
The most recent rally has appeared weak in nature and not supported by the Wyckoff Tools.  We are short and looking for more of a pullback in the Wyckoff Wave.
As you can see from the following chart of the Wyckoff Wave (WW), the most recent rally was not supported by the Force Index, and todays action broke through the last six days lows, and broke the uptrend of the last month.  If this market is weak, we should see continued follow thru to the downside from these levels.
Wyckoff Wave July 21 2016
Apple also saw a reversal off the most recent rally high today, and penetrated its support line of its most recent uptrend.  We would like to see the selling continue at these levels.
Apple July 21 2016

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