Regeneron, REGN looks interesting at these levels, $393.77

We currently do not have a buy on the Wyckoff Wave, but we want to nibble a small position in Regeneron now, and be prepared to add on a Wyckoff Wave buy signal.  So we will buy a small position tomorrow at the opening, and let’s use a stop at $368
You can see that if you “Compare Sectors” versus the Wyckoff Wave (WW), you can see that the Wyckoff Wave Biotech Sector (WWB) has outperformed.  It is the light RED line at the top.

Then if you go to WWB, and “Compare Holdings” you will see that REGN has been very strong in this sector, and is the top performer.

Then to bring up the chart of REGN, you can see that the stock looks very good, and the Technometer is very oversold as of current.  Also volume came in good recently while diminishing on the recent decline.

Also we attached what we think is appropriate Wyckoff markings on the chart.

Then the point and figure chart shows massive upside objectives.

Good Trading,
Todd Butterfield

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