Stay short SPY and TLT for now, also stocks for your radar screen for short term long candidates?

As of tonight we are still short two units of SPY and also two units of TLT.  For now we are staying short and observing tomorrow action closely.
As you know our Technometer readings on many of our market indices is at oversold levels as of tonight.  Mr. O’Brien also mentioned tonight that you could look for short-term long candidates.
I thought I would run a couple screens to give you the stronger stocks from our symbol list from our charting software.
Over the last 30 days, the following stocks have shown outperformance: EXEL, RDUS, MU, PXD, WMB, RARE, CMRX, FL, KMI, WRK, AIG, NFLX, CMG, and many of the oil and financial stocks.
This is not a recommendation to buy any of these, but I wanted to give you a list of stocks to observe.

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