Two ideas to have on radar screen

The first is Overstock (OSTK, $30.05). This stock announced a week ago that it is starting a Regulated ICO Exchange, which if you have been following us at, we think is a growing area for years to come.  We have made numerous trades in Bitcoin and other Coins over the last few months with great success.   We would like to buy this stock on a normal pullback to correct the recent rally.
We also included a 5 yr chart below the 3 month chart, so you can see more price action.

We also want to watch Twilio (TWLO, $31,81).  We feel this stock is forming an accumulation base and will work considerably higher once it breaks out.  We are currently bearish the Wyckoff Wave, and the Wyckoff Wave Growth Index, so we feel the general market could pullback in days ahead, but this is a stock to watch closely and be prepared to purchase.

Good Trading,
Todd Butterfield

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