Update on our current Stock/ETF open positions….

Update on our current Stock/ETF open positions….
Our short SPY was right on the money.   The China news has helped this position considerably.  We have registered an oversold reading so we are due for a bounce, but the sell volume on this recent selloff has been large.  It appears we have a trend change to bearish here.  So if you are a scalper you could probably cover short here and put out higher.  If not, we will have to stay short and look for still lower.  Using a protective buy stop at $292.58

Our Long TLT positions have been very good to us this year.  We have caught all of this years rally!  Currently the Technometer supports much higher prices, and price action is bullish.  We are going to stay long and look for higher prices.  Using a protective sell stop at $136.

Our Long GDX/GDXJ positions have also been big winners for us this year.  Technometers here are just coming off oversold, and support much higher prices.  We are staying long and have stops at $25.70/$35.09

We just added AMD to our buy list after the break on earnings.  We like this holding longer term and would like to add to the position.  For now we will use a protective sell stop at $26.08

We also bought SQ on the earnings break.  Our Technometer has been very good with finding good risk/reward setups on this stock.  We also would like to add to this long position.  For now use protective sell stop at $59.94

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