We want to enter a short position in TLT at the market.

TLT (20 Yr. Treasury Bond ETF) is currently trading at $139.13.  It has been in a downtrend for the last 8 trading sessions, and has just experience a two day bounce.  Quickly our Wyckoff Technometer has came back to an almost overbought reading at 49 which is marked with the blue circle on chart #1.
TLT July 22 2016
Chart #2 is a one year chart, and you can see the most recent rally into the July top, there was a divergence between the Price and the OP and Force.  Price made a new high, and OP and Force lagged behind considerably.  This appear to show the rally was suspect.
TLT 1 Yr July 22 2016
Because of the above observations, we think there is more downside to the recent selloff from these levels.  Go short at the market…

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