How To Select A Stock

Selecting A Stock


The purpose of this volume is to focus on the processes involved in translating a correct analysis and interpretation of general market action into a profitable trade in an individual stock or stocks. The means to this end will include such established concepts as comparative strength and weakness, cause and effect, effort vs. result, the nine buying and selling tests, and selected new concepts that may be an aid toward better timing of trades.

Each investor or trader in stocks, bonds, options, or commodities is called upon to make a wide range of interrelated observations and conclusions. The result is a process that can be seen as being extremely complex. Unfortunately, many investors allow themselves to become so wrapped up in this apparent complexity that they are rendered incapable or unwilling to make the necessary decisions. When this happens, it represents a failure to recognize that what detail is involved, and it is substantial, can be approached in a predetermined step by step manner and that these steps are the building blocks of an investor’s most basic objectives.

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